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Work is Life. Life is Work. Every Firm Should Support Optimal Health.

by BILLY LEE It is SAD to see so many firms overlook the mental and physical health of their employees. Many firms are sold on an ideology that inhibits sound thinking…(See my Introduction to Non-Typical Thinking). It is only a change in thinking that will bring about a positive change in higher level human behavior.…
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In Business – Every Bit You Lie to Yourself, You Lie to Someone Else

On my Kairos Athletics blog, I wrote a post, Step 1 – Honesty – Strong in Life; Strong in Sport, about how you must be HONEST to succeed in sports. The work that one does to honestly improve one’s game is the same work that you do to improve in life. Strong in Sport; Strong…
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Feature: Beeple – Hottest NFT Launch of 2021

As Christmas of 2021 recedes into the past, a record year in NFT’s is coming to a close. Across the land people dream of bringing in 2022 with a NFT bang! As the new year approaches, thoughts of a successful NFT launch are dancing through the minds of artists and collectors. They are dreaming of…
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Business in Post Pandemic World

What should small businesses be anticipating in this murky post pandemic environment? First, anyone starting up or at the helm of a young business can’t look past the political environment. This was proven when highly politicized and unprecedented lockdowns were mandated. The industries that thrived were the pharmaceutical and big tech industries. Amazon, Netflix, Facebook,…
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Learn About the Markets the Right Way – Identifying Cycles and When They Return

Watch what you post! You better be right! The internet keeps a record of what you post to it. (More people should keep that in mind.) The internet holds people accountable for their statements and viewpoints. It’s a double edge sword for a finance professional or any expert. You better be right! How to Learn…
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Crude Oil and Ten Year Dance Brings in Obama Era GDP Rates

FIRST PUBLISHED: MIXED MARKET ARTIST Below, the price of Crude Oil rallies hard and the Ten Year futures contract moves slowly lower (yield higher). Crude Oil Ten Year Futures Analyzing the relationship can inform much about the current cycle. Of course, Crude Oil was demolished during the height of the pandemic and the lockdowns. From…
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The Force of Will and Perspectives on NFT Pricing in the Present Times

By Billy Lee also Published in: MIXED MARKET ARTIST (The above featured image is The Future is Here listed on OpenSea) There is a force of will at work in the markets. Perspective plays its part in the pricing of securities. Many exclusively discuss pricing mechanisms like supply and demand, measurable differences in technology, etc. However, there is a qualitative consideration that…
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About Markets and Choice in a Free Society

Freeing the Sports World of Steroids, Silencing Donald Sterling, Stopping Global Warming and more… BILLY LEE FIRST PUBLISHED IN MIXEDMARKETARTIST.COM BY BILLY LEE When the division of labour has been once thoroughly established, it is but a very small part of a man’s wants which the produce of his own labour can supply. He supplies…
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Don’t Be So “Pretendtious”! – Pondering the State of the Union

first published in MIXEDMARKETARTIST.COM by Billy Lee on Feb 2015 We can pretend that what has not had the greatest effect on the economy during the Obama years is ZIRP or zero interest rate policy. We can pretend that the force of Federal Reserve liquidity provisions is a lesser force than the accomplishments of President Obama…
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The Wolf of Wall Street: What Big Teeth You Have! The Easier to Degrade America With.

by Billy Lee, first published in Mixed Market Artist The wolf is an animal – known for its primal nature. The wolf does not attack the well adapted. The wolf hunts and preys upon the weak. Man is not an animal. Man can reason. The rational mind separates Man from the animal kingdom. Choice in possession of a…
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