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Business solutions, intelligence, and enhanced adaptabilty can make your business the leader in your space.


Move at high speed from idea to desirable product or service. Reflexively fill gaps in the marketplace.


A lost entreprenuer is a lost opportunity. Working so all skilled innovators can continue to improve the world.

Are you a free market humanitarian?

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Business Better.

Doing business intelligently involves considering the entire spectrum of impacts that your business can make. Conducting business considering a free society, humanity, and the bottom line enhances broader, long term positive returns.


Increasing Capital Access for All

Great White Financial increases the survivability rate of startups and enhances business returns.

Startups launched since 2020

client audience growth

 Businesses optimized

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fierce and authentic in tech innovation

“Hard work and creativity are what deliver our society from its many ills. 

Great White Financial works for the liberation of people and the mind. We fervently support workers and innovators, and we relentlessly fight bullies.

Great White Financial defiantly stands against all who work against free markets. We fight for our partners and to improve the human condition.”


Apex Insights

Apex Insights from Founder – Billy Lee

Technology Uses Wave Energy to Produce Electricity – Gets Great Results!

NEWS ATLAS “Telescoping can” wave energy device beats test predictions by 20% Scotland’s AWS Energy has reported results some 20% better than predicted for its Archimedes Waveswing, a prototype wave[…]

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The Rise of Emerging Markets in Asia

SOURCE: CME GROUP As much of the world faces a sharp slowdown in growth, emerging markets in Asia remain a bright spot on the investment horizon. Emerging Asia, which includes[…]

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IMPROVING Staff for Your Company and Your Country!

Losing a key employee can cost a company as much as twice that person’s salary in lost profits! Turnover seems to vary by wage and role of employee. For example,[…]

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Great White Financial Supports The Wellness Institute for Economic Growth

Wellness in the United States is the Holy Grail of our age and the nation is asleep to this fact. GWF’s Founder, Billy Lee, has been contributing to this cause for over a decade, and there is no better lens through which we should grade the strength of the economy and nation.


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