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The Wolf of Wall Street: What Big Teeth You Have! The Easier to Degrade America With.

by Billy Lee, first published in Mixed Market Artist The wolf is an animal – known for its primal nature. The wolf does not attack the well adapted. The wolf hunts[…]

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Copying beetle wings to design MAVs that can recover from midair collisions

SOURCE: TECH XPLORE A pair of researchers at Konkuk University has designed a miniaturized micro air vehicle (MAV) capable of recovering from midair collisions. In their paper published in the[…]

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Cargill is Supporting Efforts to Seek Sustainable Solutions Unique to Farms

SOURCE: CARGILL From the Ground Up: Partnering with Farmers to Advance Soil Health Solutions Head in any direction out of Des Moines, Iowa and it won’t take long until you’re[…]

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