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Technology Uses Wave Energy to Produce Electricity – Gets Great Results!

NEWS ATLAS “Telescoping can” wave energy device beats test predictions by 20% Scotland’s AWS Energy has reported results some 20% better than predicted for its Archimedes Waveswing, a prototype wave energy generator that’s been undergoing ocean-based testing at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney for the last six months. The Waveswing is a…
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Work is Life. Life is Work. Every Firm Should Support Optimal Health.

by BILLY LEE It is SAD to see so many firms overlook the mental and physical health of their employees. Many firms are sold on an ideology that inhibits sound thinking… It is only a change in thinking that will bring about a positive change in higher level human behavior. We cannot solve our problems…
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Research the Conditions! Global Biodiversity is Decreasing.

Conservation and Preservation are Beautiful and Holy! There does not exist a complete and sound philosophy that discounts beauty, especially natural beauty. The conservation and preservation of the immense biodiversity of our planet is primary. Research the Problem It is the responsibility of all market operators (both consumers and producers) to understand the condition of…
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Clean Energy Trust backs 2 new Chicago startups

SOURCE: CHICAGO INNO Two Chicago cleantech startups just got funding from the Clean Energy Trust, a fund that backs energy upstarts across the Midwest. The Chicago-based Clean Energy Trust announced Wednesday that it invested in Renewance, a startup focused on battery recycling that connects electric vehicle companies and other businesses to recycling solutions, and Iris Light Technologies, a maker…
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