Billy Lee

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Hard work and creativity are what deliver our society from its many ills.

Great White Financial works for the liberation of people and the mind. We fervently support workers and innovators, and we relentlessly fight bullies.

Great White Financial defiantly stands against all who work against free markets. We fight for our partners and to improve the human condition.

Founder and CEO – Billy Lee

Billy Lee started Great White Financial to put human interaction and ingenuity front and center in the world of business building and finance.

Billy Lee is a highly creative entrepreneur who has launched and developed startups across many industries.

He is the author of the Peak Performance Principle that has guided him in training business men and women, and athletes, for over 20 years. You can hear Billy’s Motivation and Talks to student athletes at Kairos Athletics.

Billy Lee established a Non-Profit, Kairos Athletics, to help young athletes succeed in challenging environments.

Billy Lee began a career in Finance in 2001, specializing in quantitative trading strategy creation for major trading firms at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.

Dedication and Leadership

Billy Lee was a leader from early on in his career. Within two years, Mr. Lee led a major Chicago trading firm’s transition from open outcry trading to electronic options trading. Two years later, Mr. Lee was one of the largest traders of short term interest rate futures in the entire U.S.

Over the ensuing years in the Chicago proprietary trading space, Mr. Lee became a leading expert in creating adaptive trading strategies. He created a global macro strategy that deployed hundreds of return drivers, and he built an internship and trader training program for a leading firm.

You can read about some of Billy’s market views on the Mixed Market Artist and Apex Insights.

Fierce and Authentic

If you’re willing to put the work in, don’t let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t achieve.

Billy Lee

Notably, Billy Lee took a break from trading in 2008 to re-enter athletic competition and sports performance training. For the next five years, he fine tuned a performance methodology that benefited many top level athletes.

During this time period, he developed internet-based health and wellness solutions, and he launched the Wellness Institute for Economic Growth.

Technology Innovation in Finance, Blockchain, Wellness, E-Commerce, and Conservation

Mr. Lee relentlessly applies technological innovation in an array of industries. Through Great White Financial and its partners, Billy works in industries that he believes will do the most to change the world in the next twenty years.

Speaking about Great White Financial, Mr. Lee says, “There is one thing you learn in spades as a trader and an athlete. You learn about competition and how to adapt to make progress. The “Great White” inspiration for this firm is real. We are looking to be dominant. Anyone who works with us will realize that. You can’t call yourself the Apex Alpha Predator and half-step. Our future is bright!”