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Technology Uses Wave Energy to Produce Electricity – Gets Great Results!

NEWS ATLAS “Telescoping can” wave energy device beats test predictions by 20% Scotland’s AWS Energy has reported results some 20% better than predicted for its Archimedes Waveswing, a prototype wave energy generator that’s been undergoing ocean-based testing at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney for the last six months. The Waveswing is a…
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Chicago E-Commerce Solutions Firm Picked Up by San Fran Tech Company for $23 Million

SOURCE: CHICAGO INNO E-commerce continues to transform the globe, and the accelerated use of solutions brought on by COVID-19 continues. Silicon Valley unicorn acquires Chicago software company Nova Libra GrubMarket, a San Francisco food-tech company, has acquired Chicago-based Nova Libra, a 23-year-old software company that builds e-commerce sites for businesses.  GrubMarket said Tuesday it is scooping up…
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Business in Post Pandemic World

What should small businesses be anticipating in this murky post pandemic environment? First, anyone starting up or at the helm of a young business can’t look past the political environment. This was proven when highly politicized and unprecedented lockdowns were mandated. The industries that thrived were the pharmaceutical and big tech industries. Amazon, Netflix, Facebook,…
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10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2020

SOURCE: MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW Here is our annual list of technological advances that we believe will make a real difference in solving important problems. How do we pick? We avoid the one-off tricks, the overhyped new gadgets. Instead we look for those breakthroughs that will truly change how we live and work. Unhackable internet Hyper-personalized…
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